Who are we?

My large family teaches me a lot. A PhD in educational psychology and technology provides a nice foundation, but parenting continues to open my eyes daily. We all think differently. The children tend to think I know more than they do but continue to object to many of my conclusions. When my opinions differ from theirs, they are quick to assume, “You are wrong!”

Sometimes we begin the thinking process over using critical thinking processes. What a joy discovering the truth can be.

Learning to respect each other’s arts and scientific methods gives each of us  new viewpoints. Life is all about discovery and creativity. Join us in expanding our capabilities. According to an artist, you won’t be wrong if you use correct exploration techniques. We look forward to your comments. See you online.

My father introduced me to painting as a young child. I loved watching him create wild western landscapes on large canvases. He also wrote adventure stories from his past as a cowboy, hobo, and bootlegger.

Impressionist painting combined with a diversity of realism techniques best describes my work. I began searching for the special feeling, I call “Exaultate Jubilate”, while learning at my father’s knee. Wolfgang Mozart coined the term. The words are the closest I can find to describe the exhilaration that comes with the end of the painting process.

There is something spiritual found in great art. The struggle to create is followed by this “high” emotion. The feeling is the result of a special type of creation. No substitute activity produces Exaultate Jubilate because men are critics and an artist is his worst critic. Combine the critic nature with poor vision and truth evaporates. Negativity reigns. Beauty and truth are lost under the confusing pressure of everyday life. I endeavor to create beauty, to capture the spiritual attributes of modern life.