The Need to Create

By Byron Molinari

Have you wondered why artists feel compelled to create? Why do they subject themselves to the struggle?

Beauty is like a siren demanding their attention. Art is not only for painters or sculptors but all of the arts. Designers, architects, metal, wood

Goga Dancing Girl

, photography-all the different media.  Observers find beauty in a sound, an action, a sight. Beauty is displayed in a building, a car, a sign, or even in the graffiti of a boxcar. Beauty surrounds us, shaped by thousands of natural and human creators.

Beauty may be found in a bridge, the movement of a hand, the tilt of a bloom, a microchip’s elegance, or a signature. Humans have a core deep need to create beauty.  Something pulls at us, fills us with wonder, faith, hope and joy.  What was your latest experience with discovering beauty. Share your context, your vision, your reaction.